Simone A Winkler, PhD



I founded eyeCatchLight in 2010 and offer portraits and wedding art customized to enrich your home. I also offer branding sessions that really make you as the rising entrepreneur shine. Originally from the beautiful Alps of Austria, I went into the engineering field and got a PhD in Montreal, Canada. When I started doing photography next to my engineering work, many people told me I should forget about being both an artist and a scientist. But thankfully I did not listen. I'm different from others and always have been. Much like many artists, I like color where others like consistency, I like variety where others go for one focus. I like adventure, the unconventional, but most of all, the unconfined. Today, 11 years later,  I own both a professional portrait studio and an engineering firm. I share my time between creating beautiful portraits and being an engineer/scientist, helping medical technology succeed.

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Gladys Ruiz

Photography Assistant 

I am a San Francisco Bay Area native who was born and raised in the heart of the bay, Hayward, California. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication - Media Production from Cal State East Bay. During my undergrad, I was introduced to the world of photojournalism. I was also fortunate enough to study abroad in London, England and really hone in on my skills behind the camera. It was there where I found my passion for photography and seeing the world around me through a lens. Since then, I have found that photographing people has been the most rewarding experience about being a photographer. I hope to bring as much joy to the client as I have when I’m taking their pictures.



Lorraine Padgett

Photography Assistant  


I am a small business owner making handmade polymer clay jewelry in Santa Cruz, CA. After graduating with a BA in Sociology from UCSB, it wasn't clear what direction I was going to take. However, what began as a pandemic-induced hobby has now blossomed into a business I'm passionate about growing. I love the process of making one of a kind statement jewelry that feels personal and inspiring to the wearer. Besides clay, I am also a writer, editor, social media marketer and photographer - I am fueled by all things creative!



Michaela Falk

Master Hair and Makeup Artist


Michaela’s foundational approach to haircutting comes from Yosh Toya. She furthers her education with specialty cutting classes at Vidal Sassoon. She is also proud to mentor and educate new Juut artists. Michaela is passionate about creating a personalized haircut tailored to the needs and lifestyle of the individual. Her unique skill set lends her an expertise in curly and textured hair types. She understands and enjoys the very different approach it takes to create a beautiful, textured hairstyle. She also enjoys shaping men’s hair and educating on current trends in men’s fashion. She loves helping guests transform themselves into a fashionable yet conservative look. A continuous study of current and classic fashion trends allows Michaela the ability to design and customize for each guest she sees. She truly enjoys her diverse clientele and is honored to keep their look current.



Screenshot Meghan Brown

Master Hair and Makeup Artist


Based out of Santa Cruz, Ca, I am a holistic freelance hairstylist and makeup artist with close to fifteen years of experience. I was fortunate enough to find my calling at the young age of twelve years old when I box dyed my hair "606 Auburn" from Nice n' Easy. I went from a natural dark dark brunette to a vibrant red head. That was it for me! I learned I could make a living offering wonderful, often life-changing transformations for anyone in less than a few hours... yes please! Pairing that with my love of travel, the Nomadic Stylist was born. After completing my BA in Studio Art from the University of Iowa, I headed to the flagship Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. From The Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, to NY Fashion week, to the Virgin Islands; I study, work and teach as far as I can dream! My passion for organic, non-toxic and clean products began at 19 when I lost my mother suddenly to colon cancer. It opened my eyes to the fragility of life and the reality that so many products we use on a day-to-day basis may be harmful to us and our world. I've been on a quest since in searching for the best organic products and creating a clean environment wherever I roam. We owe it to ourselves and mother nature! I specialize in on-location hair and makeup services and bring a well-crafted approach to ever-evolving styles. I always compliment my clients' unique experiences through my craft and their vision. With a commitment to bringing you a positive, stress-free experience in the comfort of your environment, I bring the high-end amenities of the salon to you.

Tracey Radek

Master Handy-woman and Wall Art Mounting Specialist

Tracey Radek of the Santa Cruz Handy(wo)man Co-op! Turns out there's a local phone number that's not part of my original post - 831-476-2667. Calling this number will connect you with Jane, who's still managing this wonderful operation at 91 (!) years of age. Go ladies in business!!!

Apart from her other work, Tracey will be helping you with the hanging of your @eyecatchlight wall art in the Santa Cruz area! She's also amazing at so many other things and I highly recommend her for the little things around the house that need a loving hand!