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Custom engagement photography is so much more than getting your professional picture taken! It is an experience personalized to capture your most natural story and to create your heirloom customized art to own - for generations to come!

I pride myself in offering the wonderful one-on-one experience you deserve and commit to telling your beautiful story of love and life by providing artfully customized products that withstand the lengths of time and can one day be handed to your children or loved ones as an invaluable family treasure!

Becoming part of the eyeCatchLight Photography family marks the beginning of a journey, in which we unveil and portray your bonds and love, inner beauty, and emotion!
We will begin by chatting about your desired decor, wardrobe, location of your session, and where to place the finished portraits. We then view them in a reveal and selection session where you can purchase them as stunning heirloom art, legacy albums, and more - with matching digital files to share with your loved ones! All sessions are hand crafted and products are delivered to your home in person!

I can't wait to work with you and create an unforgettable experience!